10 months old baby

Question: When baby has fever wat is the temperature

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Answer: Hi dear The normal body temperature of anyone is 98.6°F.If the temperature is higher than the normal temperature it is consider to be fever.U can give the medicine or u can consul the doctor if the fever is above 100°F
Answer: Hello, when baby gets fever the temperature should be above 98 °c.
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Question: My baby is 10 months old an when he has fever wat is the normal temperature
Answer: Hi dear, Temperature of more than 99 degrees Fahrenheit is consistent fever.
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Question: Ma baby feel body temperature..but she has no fever what is the reason? Any problm?
Answer: It may b bcz of climate! If d temperature is too hot, it will be like that. Place some wet cloth on baby for few minutes. Temperature will cool down. I did same for my baby
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Question: My baby has 99.5 rectal temperature....is she having fever?
Answer: Above 100.5 rectal temperature should be considered as fever, your baby is fine .take care
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