20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: When am 2nd month pregnant low lying placenta previa grade 0 is there bt nw I scanned so in report no placenta previa is there. If I do all the house work can it causes anything wrong with me n baby?

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Answer: hi dear , during pregnancy you should avoid doing any kind of heavy households whether you have placenta previa or not. you can do small & easy house holds and take rest as per need.
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    Rani Pawar835 days ago

    Thank you so much

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Question: can i make roti with low lying placenta? i do no other house work.
Answer: Dear.. normal activities can be done.. no issues with it.. you can not bind dough.. but you can make rotis.. although.. if you feel tummy tightening then take some rest like 5 minutes..and again make it..
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Question: Hi mam first I had low lying placenta previa bt nw no placenta previa is there so if working so much can it again happened low lying mam please tel me.
Answer: Dear, Placenta is not low lying is a good news, still you need to be careful every time. It just little up, not completely. Still it is considered in risky zone. So avoid too much work.
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Question: Hi doctor please rply me I had low lying placenta previa bt nw I scanned in that no placenta previa placenta shows grade 1 maturity is given mam can we have sex nw onwards plz tel me doctor.
Answer: Dear this time your health n baby is most important so avoid sex don't take any risk take care n ask your gyanae as she knows each n everything about ur case
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