35 weeks pregnant mother

Question: When I did my sonography on Feb 23 everything was normal. However on Feb 26 after internal examination my doc said that baby is at position 0 and hence said to take bed rest for 15days till 9month starts. Is this scenario risky that baby head is down at 34weeks?

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Answer: If the baby's head is at position 0, it means your baby's head is engaged or fixed deeper in your pelvis..you can expect delivery/labour any time..your doctor suggested to take bed rest to avoid premature labour.. Delivery after 36 weeks is considered safe..
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Question: Hi i am 26 weeks pregnant in my last ultra sound it was shown that i am having placenta :posterior ,gr--0. lower margin of placenta is 25mm from internal os and doctor said me to take adequate rest but i am worried is this will result in c section ??
Answer: hi dear! no dear it is not necessary that it will end in c section dear as there is chances of it to move upwards dear. so wait for some more scans to happen dear to see if the placenta is moving upwards. . so for time being take rest dear .and we should wait and see dear. take care dear! i hope this information is helpful to you!
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Question: Hello i am 21 week pregnant. Noticed very little amount of blood in mucous today evening. Doctor did pv and said cervix is open so that we can insert a finger. She said to take complete bed rest. Did anyone faced same problem. Will that be okay later on. Please do answer
Answer: You have not mention the cervical length so please let us know about the cervical length which must be mentioned in your scan report, Please take rest avoid excessive bending avoid lifting heavy objects continue taking your medicines So you need to be monitored frequently for the length of the cervix that is uterus opening. If there is progressive shortening you may require a cervical stitch to close the mouth of the uterus and it will be removed at 37weeks of pregnancy. If the cervical length remain same, then no worries.and if you notice abdominal cramps please consult your doctor immediately
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Question: Hello mam. My first sonography is done on 18 December and in sonography uterus mouth is opened and doctor said that take complete rest of 15 days and after that sonography will be done and if uterus mouth would not closed then doctor put the stitches.. Please tell me after stitches there will be bed rest or not?
Answer: Hllo dear u r 11 weeks pregnant dear some women's uterus mouth became open soon so on that situation there 'll be stitches s option . Dear of its mouth not close gyno put stitches. Nd when ur delivery time 'll be near or labour pain 'll start some times they open the stitches nd go 4 normal delivery .and some times its not possible then they go 4 c section.its depended on the pregnancy situation. So nothing to worry abht .follow ur gyno instruction do rest ,avoid sex ,nd take medicine which she prescribes u .best of luck .
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