32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: What you mean by internal os is closed

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Answer: Normsl.. Lower part of uterus is called cervix.. This cervix have 2 opening... Externl nd internal. Normally internl os is open when labour is near at the time of cervical dilation.. So now it is perfectly normal
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Question: What do u mean by Internal OS closed ?
Answer: Meaning of internal os closed-Hi dear,internal os means the upper end of the cervix that opens into the uterus,and the extarnal part opens through vagina.so it is normal if ur internal os is closed.cause it will open only in the time of delivery.So,don't worry.
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Question: What does mean internal os closed .?
Answer: Hi dear,internal os means our cervix opening..which has 2 sides outer side known as external os which open in vagina.n internal one is d part opens at uterus..it should remain close till delivery...so nothing to worry..Everything is normal.
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Question: Hello what it s mean by internal Os is closed
Answer: Hi dear, The upper end of the cervix that opens into the uterus. The external os is the end of the cervix that opens into the vagina. So normal to be closed. It is normal only. So don't worry for this. Hope this will help you
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