10 months old baby

Question: What toys should we select for 1year boy kid

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Answer: colorful blocks to build tower, bridge etc. toys which can be stacked inside one another, pulable toys which baby can pull n walk. objects of different sizes
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Question: What puzzles or toys can have for 1year baby girl to develop there skills??
Answer: Hi! If your baby has started sitting up you have a lot of option which even helps to develop motor skill. **Stacking toys: Helps in hand -eye coordination and fine motor skill. **O Ball Rattle car: Helps to develop grip in babies * *Developmental bumpy ball: Helps in tactile sensitivity and helps in reaching and grasping. Things you need to remember while shopping toys: * Please buy wooden stuff if baby has a habit of mouthing. * Please dont ever buy a toy with button battery. * Please consider age factor before buying. Hope this helps!
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Question: What are the toys we hav buy for my 11 months boy baby
Answer: Hi 11 months baby you can give different teethers,walkers and all as thats the stage for walking and teething...
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Question: What kind of toys used for 08 month baby Boy
Answer: I gave my son hot wheels car blocks game and and big lorry2 car and many more to play when he was 8 months old
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