3 months old baby

Question: What to do when babies nose blocks due to cold

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Answer: Hello dear, you can use saline nasal drops for your baby but not more than 4 times a day. you can also use a humidifier, give your baby steam bath. I hope this will help you .
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    Aishwarya Balde604 days ago

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Question: My baby boy nose alwyes blocks due to cold.. What can I do
Answer: Hi dear! Cough and cold or nose blockage is usually due to infection and fever indicates that body is fighting against the infection, but after a lot of reading i found some basic easily available things which can help it cure and strengthen the immunity. *Increase the intake of Vit C rich fruits like mausambi juice, orange, pomegranate, etc. all kinds of veggies.. *Steam n nasoclear drops. Steam 3-4 times a day - hold him and sit in a steamy bathroom (run a hot shower). Also, holding him upright as much as possible will keep him comfortable. Saline nasal sprays are good too and will help keep nasal passages moist and loosen the mucus. *apply babyvicks on clothes bedsheets for some relief. *If you are massaging massage with warm oil...that also bring relief *you can give ajwain sek in a potli too to give relief to the baby.. Hope this helps!
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Question: My nose blocks every night what shall do?
Answer: Hie There are certain medicine that are safe during pregnancy   Consult your gynaclogist with the same Following are the home remedies that would help you with cold and cough Have one raw garlic with honey every 3-4 hours garlic is a power House against cold and cough Gargle with salt water solution or apple cider vinegar solution to help you with sore throat Include raw onion in your daily diet or salads they help keep respiratory tract open Sip on ginger Tulsi or ginger lemon green tea it is rich in antioxidants as well as will help you soothe your throat too Breathing warm humid air shall help loosen congestion you may run a humidifier or use facial steamer to loosen mucus add a few drops of eucalyptus oil to it to ease breathing. Get lost of rest and water you need both to recover when you are striken with cold or cough
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Question: What to do when water enters babies nose while bathing?
Answer: Hello, you cannot do anything if water enters the nose to baby. But you can avoid water entering into baby's nose. you can just cover with your hand the baby's forehead and then put water on the baby's head without falling it on the face. Later while washing the face you just have to dip the hand in water and wipe the baby's face do not put more water on the face.. Hope this helps.
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