38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: What to do for baby drop recently remove stitches

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Answer: Hi dear, Baby drop or lightning usually happens at the end of last trimester but some women it could be right before labor so donot worry on that part.you could start doing support squatting , especially in warm water tub.it helps the baby to move down wards.also keep walking and be active.make sure you sit in elevated chair so as the knee is always below the abdomen.the cushioned sofa could make you tilt back and knees might come up the abdomen,this will make the baby stay in upper pelvis only.
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Question: What to do for baby drop in pelvis
Answer: There is no way a baby to drop and engage in the pelvis, but there are a few things you can do that will make it much easier for him/her to do so. Sometimes, a baby won't drop because the pelvic outlet is too tight or misaligned, so getting a chiropractic adjustment and/or bodywork to release any tight ligaments can really help. Aside from this, work to open that pelvic outlet as much as possible: sit on a birthing or exercise ball instead of the couch or a chair as much as possible. Do clockwise and counter-clockwise hip circles on the ball as often as you can. Do some supported squatting as long as you can, especially in a warm tub (if possible). Sit in the cobbler's pose (put feet together and bring them in as close to your butt as possible, then gently your legs up and down). Get on hands and knees and do pelvic rocks. And, of course, walk, walk, walk! Good luck lady.!
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Question: What to do for baby drop?
Answer: Hi dear u can start eating pineapple papaya ,can have castor oil 1 spoon in a glass of orange juice after 38th week of pregnancy. It will help u to open the cervix which will.led to normal delivery. Make sure to discuss with doctor before taking all these after 38th week.
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Question: How is baby drop,what can be do for baby drop
Answer: Hi Do not strain more to change baby position...just do slow walking till you are ablento talk without gasping while walk..also drink plenty of water and always try to sit on floor with cross leg
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