9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: What sub chronic hemorrhage

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Answer: Hi , dear just answered your query ... Hope that will be helpful take care 😊
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Question: What is sub chorionic hemorrhage..?? What does mean 5*2 mm sub chorionic hemorrhage left lateral..?? Is this normal...??
Answer: Sub chorionic means internal bleeding . U have to take complete bed rest and consult ur doctor as soon as possibile
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Question: What sub chronic hemarrage
Answer: Hi dear ... It's a. Bleeding in the uterous ... It is common these days... In most cases, the bleeding goes away on its own and a women have healthy baby. But there are few exceptions also. Don't stress yourself just follow your doc and hope for the best. Best of luck 👍
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Question: What is sub chronic hemorrhage
Answer: Hi dear... This is bleeding in uterus . Don't worry even after this people deliver healthy child my sil is example ...She also suffered from it and having a healthy baby... Don't worry stay positive and follow your medication to the core . Take care
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