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Question: What should not do when we are planning for pregency . What are the mistake we do unfortunately .how to take care when we are planning

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Answer: Well .. planning the pregnancy sometimes become hectic and sometimes its the most easy thing ... In my case it was the easiest thing ... Did not took care of anything ... It was natural and surprise for me ... Still if you think you need to take precautions, There is nothing much to do.. 1. Take folic acid once in a day .. it helps to concieve fast n properly. 2. Eat healthy .. avoid hot things like ajwain, excess dry fruits, harmful painkillers, fever meds , antibiotics etc., Pine apple and papaya too .. 3. Have sex 3 times a week, less or more than this can reduce sperm quality ...
Answer: Hey glad to know you trying to conceive😊..timing plays a crucial role here..well the first thing is to look for your fertile varies depending on the period cycle I have 28 day cycle and get my ovulation on 12 th find yours..if not sure then try having sex from 10 th day from first day of period till 18 th day to make sure you meet your fertile day too.hope it helps..wish you all the best👍
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Question: When we are planning for pregnancy what precautions should take
Answer: Take healthy/good diet. It's good to visit a good gynecologist before conceiving so you can be treated if there is any issue or Vitamin deficiency. Usually Gynecologist suggest to take Folic acid tablets for 90 days before trying to get pregnant, it prevents neural tube defects in baby. Both partners should be in the best health condition. Keep track of ovulation. Stay active, if possible do some light excercises like running, walking. These will help during pregnancy also.
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Question: We are planning for second baby then what should take care while conceive baby
Answer: Glad to know you planning a sibling for your little one😍 can just get a routine tests done to make sure all is well with you and plan intercourse your fertile period...keep yourself fit and fine..everything would be okay..all the best!
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Question: What should not eat when we are planning for pregnancy
Answer: Dnt eat papaya nd take grapes. Tc dear. All day bst for ur pregnancy
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