27 weeks pregnant mother

Question: What should i take for stop stool in pregnancy

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Answer: You need to take more enough fluids and fruits . Lack of fiber food also happens . Make sure you r having proper fiber food and fluids . It will make change
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Question: What should I take in my diet for baby better growth during 11week of pregnancy
Answer: Your doctor must have given you some medicines Continue those medicines All you need to do is take care of your diet increase protein in your diet increase the growth of the foetus as protein is the building block of human body So include egg cheese paneer curd Soya beans lentils kidney beans pulses and non veg egg chicken fish get plenty of rest and try to sleep in left lateral position drink more water include coconut water buttermilk uses at cetera Go for a walk or yoga ,this also elevate your mood Don't worry and follow up your doctor regularly to monitor the growth of baby
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Question: My baby is doing stool too much what should i do to stop it
Answer: Hello! If your baby is doing watery stools, number of times, then it could be mild infection. For this give more of fluid to the baby, give ors at regular intervals. Also give sabudana pani, rice water, moong dal pani, curd and banana. Take care
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Question: What should I take for fever in pregnancy?
Answer: I also got fever in early pregnancy nd it ws severe and doc suggested me to take dolo but den also consult ur gyane
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