8 months old baby

Question: What should be done for diaper rash?

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Answer: Apply coconut oil before wearing diaper it will help you once try it and also keep clean the skin of your baby
Answer: Apply coconut oil
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Question: What should be done for baby's neck rash??
Answer: Hello dear please make sure he sleeps on washes and sun dried rugs and bedsheets. The area where he roams should be clean and neat. May be he had some allergy to dust. Apply some coconut oil on his stomach and back , coconut oil soothes his body from dry skin and also helps from allergies.
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Question: What can be done for diaper rashes
Answer: Hello! Wash your hands before and after every diaper change.Check your baby's diaper often, and change it as soon as it becomes wet or soiled.Use plain water. When you need to get poop off your baby's skin, use a mild cleanser.Gently pat the area clean and dry, rather than rubbing.If you use wipes, choose mild ones. Try to avoid those with fragrances or alcohol. Or use a clean, soft washcloth.Be sure the area is completely clean and dry before putting on a fresh diaper. Try a squirt bottle to wash the area well, without rubbing sore skin.Let your baby go diaper-free as much as possible. Airing out the diaper zone helps a baby's skin heal faster. To avoid a mess, do it right after a bowel movement.
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Question: What can be applied for inner thigh diaper rash?
Answer: Hi dear, Diaper rash is a common misery in babies.it happens due to sensitive skin of babies.when it comes in contact with pee and poo,or in contact with damp nappy,babies get rashes. Try the following remedies: 1-keep the area clean and dry and airy 2- never rub while cleaning the area 3- coconut oil is very good in treating rashes 4-using alcohol based wipes could irritate the skin too 5-prolonged exposure to damp diaper could get rashes so keep changing the wet diapers 6- some antibiotics can also trigger such rashes
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