9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: What should I use i have allergy at my down can I use dettol

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Answer: No dear Please don't use dettol. It can aggravate ur problem Fungal infections like vaginal candidiasis are common U might be having some infection Do not self treat Consult ur doctor
Answer: Hi.. Dear please meet your gynaecologist, and get your check up, do not use dettol, it might be an infection..
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Question: I have allergy on my feet. What should i do?
Answer: Hello These rashes are quiet normal and are seen in alot of women. The rashes are called puppps as they start on ur tummy move up to ur breaste hands and legs this could get very itchy and some times cause blisters. You can take cool bath to calm the rash do not scratch as it will only make it worse try using a herbal lotion to soothe ur skin. Try the lotion on small patch of your skin as u want to find out of ur allergic to it or not. As u do not want to make it worse. Hope I helped
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Question: Now Can i use dettol for the bath to me
Answer: hi yes you can use that only for bad for yourself if you want to it is ok but avoid using that all for your baby because sometimes that all can cause itching to the baby
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Question: May i use Dettol,v wash ,veet at my private area
Answer: It's safe to use v wash it maintains pH balance also. Avoid Veet use razor instead
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