25 weeks pregnant mother

Question: What should I do when loose motion occur during pregnancy

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Answer: Make sure that you drink purified water and well cooked food. Wash your hands before and after your meals. Drink oral rehydration solution at frequent intervals. Indian gooseberry (amla), apples and pomegranate seeds helps to control loose motions in natural manner.
Answer: Hi dear,don't worry drink lots of water and have rice with curd take care.
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Question: My 4th months is running i have loose motion. What should I do for loose motion..is it good for baby...
Answer: Hi, loose motions could be due to hormonal changes or bowel infection.it is considered as three or more loose , watery bowel movements in a day called diarrhea .drink plenty of fluids like better milk, coconut water, juices.take banana which is best food to eat while suffering from loose motions.take dairy products.avoid out side foods and spicy and oily foods.better to have bland diet.better to take probiotic bifilac sachet and tablets.take care
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Question: What should I do bcoz my baby occur loosemotion at age of 35 days?
Answer: Hey if your baby is taking your breast feed then lose motion or lose potty is natural as you know mother milk doesn’t have any kind of waste so that potty becomes loose after birth baby can do 6 to 7 times poop that is normal
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Question: When should I do last month USG???
Answer: During pregnancy your last ultrasound may be happen in 33-36 week . At this time baby take delivery position .
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