2 months old baby

Question: What's the solution for reflux in babies?

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Answer: Hello Burping frequently after feeding, giving gap in between feeds.tummy time exercises.keeping upright for an observed period of time after every feed.
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Question: What's reflux in babies and solution for it?
Answer: Hello dear. Signs of reflux in babies include: Pain or discomfort when feeding, such as arching his back, refusing milk and crying. Frequently vomiting or spitting up milk. Few of the remedies are : Feed your baby in an upright position. Also hold your baby in a sitting position for 30 minutes after feeding, if possible. Try smaller, more-frequent feedings. Take time to burp your baby. Put baby to sleep on his or her back. Take care.
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Question: Cause for reflux in babies?
Answer: Hello dear. Acid reflux occurs when the contents of the stomach are refluxed into the esophagus. It’s very common in infants and most often happens after a feeding. Although the exact cause is unknown, there are several factors that can contribute to acid reflux. Hope it helps.
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Question: Home remedies for acid reflux in babies
Answer: Hello dear Babies get reflux because the muscular valve at the end of the food pipe, which keeps food in the stomach, is still developing. This means that when your baby's tummy is full, food and stomach acid can flow back up his food pipe. Remedies for acid reflux : 1. Burp ur baby when u change ur baby position from left to right 2. Avoid overfeeding 3. Hold ur baby for atleast 30 minutes. Do not lie ur baby down after every feed
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