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Question: What r the symptoms of ovulation period?

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Answer: Pain in abdomen n back pain on the 15th to 18 th day of periods
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Question: What r symptoms of ovulation?
Answer: There are no symptoms such...however you can calculate the ovulation dates if you are planning for pregnancy . There are many apps which can tell you your ovulation fertile such app is "my calendar "or there are many ovulation calculator available online.. it will calculate as per your period cycle for eg..if it's 26 days or 28 days or 30 can calculate your proper ovulation dates if your period cycle is on track..irregular periods cycle will not give you proper ovulation or fertile dates. . There are as such no symptoms for conception or ovulation..
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Question: What r the symptoms of ovulation
Answer: During ovulation you may feel mild on sided pain in abdomen,indicating the release of egg from that particular side of ovary.some may feel littl nauseated too.egg white consistency discharges strongly indicate that you are ovulating.some women may even have streaks of blood along with it.basal body temperature too would be high.some women have increased sexual desires during this stage.some get mild pain in breasts and bloating too.
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Question: What are the symptoms of ovulation?
Answer: Hello dear. Few of the ovulation signs are: Cervical mucus changes. Heightened sense of smell. Breast soreness or tenderness. Mild pelvic or lower abdominal pain. Light spotting or discharge. Libido changes. Changes in the cervix. All the best.
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