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Question: What precautions need to be taken in first to third month of pregnancy. And is it natural to get white discharge during pregnancy first or second month?

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Question: Precautions to be taken during third trimester
Answer: Like the first trimester of pregnancy, the third trimester is also crucially important for the mother and her child. It is during this period that the baby is fully mature and the mother would get signs that she is ready to give birth. In this trimester you may encounter several bodily changes, including weight gain of 1-3 kg per month and Braxton Hicks contractions tighten uterine muscles for preparation of birth.  Precautions to take - you must be a little cautious about how you work and what you carry. You should avoid carrying heavy loads as this can strain your back which can affect the baby. You must take the help of railings when you climb up and down the stairs. You must also avoid taking stairs for reaching higher floors. Avoid too much work and keep yourself hydrated to avoid constipation. Also, as a precaution, lie down on your back if you get Braxton Hicks contractions. Make sure that you still do some exercises under professional guidance. Also, visit your doctor at least once a week to keep a track of baby’s progress. Avoid taking long journeys and air travel must be avoided.  Avoid eating fish as it may contain higher levels of mercury which can affect your child’s growth.  Plan on weekly medical checkups to track every development. Also, ask your partner or a family member to stay with you all the time, just in case you require medical attention. Don’t forget to maintain a healthy diet with lots of fresh fruits and juices. Before taking any medication for any symptom, you must consult your physician for advice. Avoid any kind of stress and keep yourself positive.
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Question: Precautions taken in third month of pregnancy????
Answer: Precaution must in 3rd month of pregnancy. should take enough rest for u and your baby.....hardword,tension, bus journey may cause miscarriage...... be careful.....
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Question: Precautions to be taken in first month of pregnancy.
Answer: Don't do rigorous exercises. Don't lift heavy weights. Don't eat papaya or pine apple. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Better avoid sex. Don't eat half cooked foods and don't take any meds without consulting doc.
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