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Question: What lubricants are good to i m trying to concieve...n without lubricant its painful

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Answer: Hi lubricant can damage the sperm but u can still get some lubricant in the market though which promised to be not affecting the sperm function and dna  intergrity.  Lubricants are acidic which can kill the sperm and can also make the sperm travel difficult and water content can damage sperm by making them absorb water. U can use Pre seed lubricant which u can get In Shop or can order online to provide u lubrication with affecting sperm. Saliva is fine to use but make sure to avoid if ur partner has any infection which can affect u. All the best. 
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    Anuradha shukla937 days ago

    Can oil work

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Question: Trying to concieve? What are your advices to be successful?
Answer: Hello dear... Dear since you are in ttc, can follow these tips, it might be helpful in conceving soon... please don't stress yourself dear because stress play an important role in conceiving If your periods are on right track, you can wait for couple of months,start tracking your ovulation date As your periods are regular,so that you can have intercourse at ovulation time,which occurs between 11-16 days,of next period which helps to conceive soon Drink plenty of water during ovulation period, it will increase your vaginal liquid which will helps to conceive Have buttermilk and fresh juices on ovulation period,helps in reducing body heat,will help you in conceiving soon Take iron rich foods like greens, vegetables,whole grain Daily eat groundnut Chikki it will helps a lot during TTC... Personally me did this and got results Keep your mind relaxed by hearingsongs,gardening,reading books will be helpful and makes your mind fresh and calm
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Question: coconut oil use good as a lubricant for conceiveing babay
Answer: Hii u can use lubricants which are safe to be used which u r trying to conceive. But it will be quite expensive so u can also use home remedies which can helps u in long term. Like use intimate wash as it retail the dryness of dat area, wear comfortable lingerie, eat more of soyamilk tofu nuts and seeds as sometime dryness happens due to hormonal dis balance. U can also use natural oils like canola, almond, olive, or coconut oil all make excellent lubricants. And will not affect the sperm count. 
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Question: I am using coconut oil as lubricant, because Its painful without lubricant? Planning for baby is it OK?
Answer: Yes dear, it's ok. As far I know coconut oil is sperm friendly but Haan sperm friendly lubricant is also available in medical shop but please consult gynecologist before using. Hope it helps.
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