8 months old baby

Question: What kind of vegetables I can mix with moong dhal for my 8 months baby

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Answer: Hi dear mommy. At 8 months, I used to give all vegetables to my son. To mix with moongdal, I usually suggest carrot, beans, potato, tomato, sweet pumpkin, green peas, cauliflower
Answer: Hi dear u can mix lauki potato pumpkin spinach puree cauliflower grated in the khichdi.
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Question: My baby is now 8 months... Wat kind of foods I can feed her?i gave ragi malt n rice n dhal with vegetables.. She felt bored abt it...pls suggest some food tips
Answer: Hello dear, If your baby don't want to eat anything, try these methods...Make mealtimes a happy, regular and social family occasion – sit together to eat with your baby whenever possible. Show your baby how much you enjoy eating the food you’ve prepared. ...Offer new foods when you and your baby are relaxed and she isn’t too tired or distracted by other things . Set a time limit of about 20 minutes for a meal. If your baby hasn’t eaten the food, take it away and don’t offer an alternative snack or meal....Offer new foods with foods that your baby already knows and likes. Keep offering new foods. It can take 10-15 tries for children to accept and enjoy new foods. Here I am sending some idea for baby diet plan. You can follow according to ur conviniance.... Early Morning 1/2 to 1 cup milk Breakfast.... Oats Apple porridge, Suji porridge, Plain dosa, Sweet potato kheer, suji Upma, Moong dal cheela, idli with chutney. Mid-Morning...... Banana slices, Water melon scoops, Veggies sticks, Cheeku pieces, Sweet potato fries, Cucumber sticks, Strawberry quarters Lunch..... Sweet potato parantha, Beetroot parantha, Paneer bhurji sandwich, Rice, dal and green beans sabji , Red rice pulao with curd, Chicken soupwith noodles, Rice with fish. Afternoon...... Fruit Yogurt, Banana smoothie, Papaya milkshake, Orange wedges, Cornflakes with milk, Cheeku smoothie, Strawberry milkshake. Dinner....... Masoor dal khichdi, Moong dal cheela, Star parathas with aloo curry, Dal parantha, Paneer parantha, Dosa with aloo masala, Spinach Khichdi with curd... Hope it helped.. Take care ur little one....
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Question: What kind of mix using with milk for 17 month baby? She is only 8 kg
Answer: Hello... Dear you can go for homemade nuts powder,it is so nutritious,and an immunity booster,helps in weight gain,and it is preservatives free too.. Drynuts powder Ingredient Almonds 1 cup. Pista 1/2 cup Cashew 1/2 cup Ground nut 1/4 cup Walnut 1/4 cup Coco powder 1/4 cup Elaichi 10 pods Dry ginger 50 gm Method of preparation Dry roasted all the ingredients separately, except coco powder After roasting,add all the ingredients,coco powder together and blend it to fine powder Seive the powder well,and transform into an container Usage Take two spoon of this powder with one spoon of palm sugar mix well with milk,serve
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Question: Which dhal I can give to my 8 months baby other then moong dhal
Answer: U can give toor dal masoor dal urad dal.. U have to introduce everything to ur little one slowly ..
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