39 weeks pregnant mother

Question: What is the weight of my baby? When will finally born my baby in normal or sugaring please reply?

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Answer: At 39 weeks of pregnancy your baby should be around 3.3 kgs of weight, and other normal delivery or C section delivery completely depends on your health and the baby's condition if you are pregnancy health is fine and all your reports are well you are feeling positive about it then it will mostly be normal delivery however if you are pregnancy has any kind of complication then the doctor might not take any chance and do a C section delivery however it all depends on the condition of the mother and baby both.. Hope this helps!
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Question: today i done my last ultrasound.mybaby weight is 2.668 kg.is it ok?what will be the approximate weight when the the baby will born
Answer: Hi it depends on your delivery wn it happens. Baby will be growing till d delivery. Baby may reach more than 3 kg in another 20 days.
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Question: is baby weight shown in ultrasound is exact the same when the baby will born?
Answer: hello.. dear there is weight shown in ultrasound...there are less chances of exact weight but sometimes with exact weight baby is born.. thats why in ultrasound reports they mention +/-100 or 200 gm of the fetal weight
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Question: What is actually weight of normal baby when they born
Answer: A baby born with 2.8 kg weight 23.5 kg of weight is considered as healthy baby.
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