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Question: What is the right time to conceive?

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Answer: In the time of ovulation
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Question: What is the right time to abort?
Answer: Under Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act 1971, untill 20 weeks aborion is leagl. Under extra ordinary situations the Court may issue direction for abortion after 20 weeks. There are four situations under which a legal abortion is performed: 1. If continuation of the pregnancy poses any risks to the life of the mother or to her physical or mental health 2. If the foetus has any severe abnormalities 3. If pregnancy occurred as a result of failure of contraception (but this is only applicable to married women) 4. If pregnancy is a result of sexual assault or rape. Abortion can be Medical or Surgical. Medical abortion is where the doctor prescribes two pills to terminate pregnancy. It can be done till 10 weeks of pregnancy, when the foetus is small enough to pass out through vagina. After the 10th week the doctor generally chooses Surgical abortion, whereby by surgery the foetus is brought out.
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Question: Want to conceive a baby. What is the right time to convince. Last periods was on 11th August
Answer: Happy to help u dear. U have to do intercours after 10 days of your periodic we don't know what is our exact ovalution date we have to egarly try with 7 days. Before that time you and your husband take more nutrient and try to make physical distance between yourself at least 7 days,so that the internal hormone can make more attraction to each other.when u make distance u guys should take more healthy food,specially your husband must take milk,almonds,any types of nuts.then u can try and get a healthy conceive if you guys don't have any internal issue
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Question: What is the right tym to conceive?
Answer: Hello! If you want to know the right time to try for conceiving in a particular month, then you need follow your ovulation period. One generally ovulates on the 14th day of the periods. Hence having sex on all days starting from the 9th day to 16th day is recommended. Also you can get the ovulation kit from the medicine store to check your ovulation period. Take care
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