3 weeks pregnant mother

Question: What is the right time to abort?

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Answer: Under Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act 1971, untill 20 weeks aborion is leagl. Under extra ordinary situations the Court may issue direction for abortion after 20 weeks. There are four situations under which a legal abortion is performed: 1. If continuation of the pregnancy poses any risks to the life of the mother or to her physical or mental health 2. If the foetus has any severe abnormalities 3. If pregnancy occurred as a result of failure of contraception (but this is only applicable to married women) 4. If pregnancy is a result of sexual assault or rape. Abortion can be Medical or Surgical. Medical abortion is where the doctor prescribes two pills to terminate pregnancy. It can be done till 10 weeks of pregnancy, when the foetus is small enough to pass out through vagina. After the 10th week the doctor generally chooses Surgical abortion, whereby by surgery the foetus is brought out.
Answer: Hi dear, Depending on your complication you can talk to your doctor for abortion.i won't recommend any abortion though unless you have any risk to you health.the sooner the better.
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Answer: Hi! Personal opinion you shud never introduce walker to baby. Please let the baby walk naturally, Doctors even ask to not put babies in walker. Absolutely nothing good about them...You can use a push walker instead after baby has learned to stand and taking steps. Walking is a milestone that all babies achieve. It absolutely need NOT be taught or supported with hands.When a child begins to walk it's a huge challenge in terms of falling down, losing balance, bumping into things and getting hurt. The initial walking stages requires constant vigilance and supervision by an adult. It could be potentially harmful in the long run in terms of posture. Please allow the child to learn to walk by himself /herself.. Hope this helps!
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Answer: If you did not meet with your health care provider before your werepregnant, your first prenatal visit will generally be around 8 weeks after your LMP (last menstrual period). If this applies to you, you should schedule a prenatal visit as soon as you know you are pregnant!
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