13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: What is the reason for slight short cervix.. Can it be cured?

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Answer: Don't get panic... If it's below 2cm Dr ll suggest for cerclage... Take rest and don't do heavy work.. happy pregnancy..
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Question: My baby has slight swelling in his side of neck. What could be the reason. He just had medicines for cold and now cured.
Answer: Hello dear. It vould be lymph nodes. Lymph nodes might swell up all over your child's body or just in the area near the infection or inflammation. For example, if your child has tonsillitis, you might notice swollen and tenderlumps in her neck. In children, it is normal to be able to feel some lymph nodes as small, movable lumps under the skin. However, if the nodes become more enlarged than usual, there may be an underlying problem. So see a doctor to understand if it needs a treatment. Hope. It helps.
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Question: what are the possible reason behind single loop around neck and can it be cured any advice ???
Answer: hello dear, the umbilical cord is the one which is supplies all the nutrients, oxygen and blood to the developing child. The length issue little long and babies when move around in the tummy or play tend to wrap the cord around the neck. There is nothing that can be done about it. However, it is nothing to be much worried about and many women had it and even had a normal delivery... take care
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Question: I feel breathless for short intervals which becomes normal later..what could be the reason..??
Answer: Hi! The breathelessness could be due to heaviness of ur body or the weight you hv increased, hence pls dont worry its normal, the more heavy you get the more chances to face these difficulties, i wud suggest you to walk more avoid bad carbs.. Hope this helps!
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