16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: What is the pranayama moms plz tel me

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Answer: Hello dear. In yoga the regulation of the breath through certain techniques and exercises. Take care.
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Question: Plz tel me what is the medicen for hairfall of my baby
Answer: Hello Breast feeding moms should eat meals filled with nutrient s that can help with good hair growth like almonds apricots green vegetables Curd etc Make herbal oil at home Boil coconut oil with curry leaves,aloe Vera,fenugreek seed,pepper, hibiscus,onion Let it boil for twenty to thirty minutes cool the oil then filter and store it in a container. Apply this oil 3 to 4 times a week massage lightly so the oil penetrates the scalp, hair growth is also seen after head tonsuring or mundane. Do not worry.
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Question: My 89 days baby vomiting forcefully what is the reason plz tel me
Answer: Hi dear, Slowly tap your babies back. After each feed. If it is in the form of curd then no need to worry. Generally babies will spit after each feed. Burping after each feed is necessary,if there no relief consult doctor.
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Question: My baby didn't pass urine frm last ngt why what is the reason plz tel me
Answer: Hi,his us not a good sign. Please consult your Dr immediately about this till than continue your feed well
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