4 months old baby

Question: What is the order of milestone? Social smile..cooing..rolling over...then? Please can u say it in order and when each one can be expected.

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Question: Doctor suggested to go for HSV test. In the report Organism Isolated is Candida Albicans and Colony count is Moderate growth and all the Antifungal Susceptibility is sensitive... Can u explain each one what it means.. Is it any infection?
Answer: hi dear! yes its candida albicans infection. it is found that this fungal infection(by candida albicans) is found and the growth of it is mild and all the antifungal drugs can be given as it is sensitive to all antifungal drugs. so dont worry it will be treated dear. dont panic. this fungal infection is very common in pregnancy dear. take care!
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Question: Hi I'm in 36th week of pregnancy and when will the labor pain starts and what will be the first symptoms pls can anyone say
Answer: Hi congratulations you are about to hug and feed your baby. See now the pain can start anytime initially the frequency of the pain will be low but gradually it will increase means initially you may feel pain at interval of every 1 hr or may be more than that but gradually it will come down to every 5-10 mins. This will be the time to rush to the hospital. If the hospital is far away dont wait till it comes down to every 10 mins get into the hospital well in advance.
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Question: My nipple ducts few and it's around 3 in each. People says it should be more then 10 in each. For this my baby is getting less milk. Please advise what to do to increase the nipple openings
Answer: Hi! If the baby is gaining weight ans the pee count is good you need not worry abt the supply or how much baby is getting, and only latching make it better, you can massage oil.and pull.out nipple also you can try fr a nipplw shield fr the time being and gradually wean it, pls note if the baby latches correctly means suckles the areola and not the nipple only, it wont be a problem fr you both hence helping baby to latch correctly is important.. Hope this helps!
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