4 months old baby

Question: What is the difference between regular baby diapers and diaper pants ? Which one would be better for baby less than six months?

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Question: Is pain less vaccination is safe? What is the difference between normal and pain less vaccine? Which one is safe
Answer: Painless only has one benefit that it will cause less swelling and fever, as well as these symptoms, will not last long and your baby might not be as irritated as he can be in proper vaccination which is painful but it is important to understand that if you give painless vaccination it has less immunogenic intensity as compared to the painful one. So I will advise you to go for a pentavac injection which is painful but has more long-lasting effects as compared to the painless vaccination painless has only one major disadvantage that you might need to get more shots just to reach the required immunity level which you will reach early in just two shots of pentavac givenatn different time intervals
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Question: What is the difference between painful and painless vaccination ? Which one is better?
Answer: Hi dear, Painful vaccination especially DTP is more effective in all ways compare to painless vaccination of DTaP. Painless one donot provide effective immunity against Pertusis,as the virus does not enter the living cells and stay. Your child can get worse form of this disease in adulthood. Please prefer the painful vaccination over the painless one. The pain and fever would last for maximum 48 hrs which needs to be tolerated by child and parents. Charges are also high for painless one.it is almost triple the price of paunfull type. Painless one would cost you around 2070/- in India.
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Question: Whqt is the difference between horizontal and vertical c section cut...and which one is better for first time...
Answer: 1st time caesarian doctor made vertical...2 Nd tym pregnancy doctor made horizontal
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