29 weeks pregnant mother

Question: What is the best time to walking?

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Answer: Hi beautiful, see walking depends upon your comfort level . And if your pregnancy and healthy and low risk then do mild walk anytime. There is no good or bad time. Whenever you feel comfortable have a small walk.
Answer: Short walks after your meals and a little long walk during evening time is absolutely healthy for you during pregnancy dear..
Answer: morning 30 mins eveng 30 mins
Answer: Morning(less pollution)
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Question: When is the best time in pregnancy month walking??????
Answer: Hi dear, morning walk is always bett er option but as pregnant mother get less sleep during night you can take an evening walk too.
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Question: Which is the best time for walking? Is one hour walking is enough?
Answer: According to experts, just 150 minutes of walking in a week yields loads of benefits for pregnant women.  You can even break your 150-minute target as per your convenience. Benefits of walking Regular walking during pregnancy reduces the risks of miscarriage, birth defects, still birth, gestational diabetes etc.Being active keeps your body healthy and fit to endure the physical challenges of pregnancy, labour pain and child birth.Walking keeps your heart strong and muscles toned. It provides the strength to carry the weight of your growing baby.It helps you to have an easy and short labour without any complications.It relieves you from constipation, helps you sleep better and concentrate on everyday work.It prevents excess weight gain by burning calories. Although it is slow compared to other exercises, walking is safe and risk free.With regular practice, walking helps to lose weight after childbirth.It helps to kick off depression, mood swings and emotional stress.
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Question: What is the best time for walking during pregnancy?
Answer: Dear that is completely depends upon you that when you feel comfortable. You can go in morning or evening whenever you wish..
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