6 months old baby

Question: What is the best food 7 month baby?

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Answer: Start with boiled apple carrot banana(nenthra pazham) and grind it with ur milk or cow milk or FM as per ur convenience and u can be administered. Also prepare ur home made ragi porridge and start giving it once daily. Preffered time for morning bf/lunch as it can be easily digested. Avoid giving it in night time.
Answer: hi dear you can give some semi solid food and solid foods to your baby . you can add Ragi Malt which is rich in iron , can give some fresh fruit juices you can also include boiled mashed potato carrot . can give yoghurt you can also give boiled egg yolk you can give some soups to ur7 months old baby
Answer: Try giving rice and moong dal porridge .. include ragi porridge also.. try giving dry banana powder along with ragi.. thats a great addition for weight gain
Answer: Ragi malt...fruit and vegetables puree.. Idli.. Mashed dal rice
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Question: What is the best food for 6 month old baby ?
Answer: Hello You can give ur baby a variety of food but in a puree or porridge state. Breakfast idly with breast milk or formula upma Roti with milk or formula mashed dosa mashed Snack boiled apple mashed banana puree vegetable soup diluted fresh fruit juices ragi milk ghee sugar Lunch dal rice mashed khichdi sooji kheer cerelac or nestum Snack whole grain puffs mashed potatoes tossed in butter peach puree Dinner should always be light as hard carbohydrate like wheat ragi dal can cause indigestion or loose motions Give sooji kheer nestum or cerelac by 8 pm u can keep feeding ur baby breast milk or formula as needed between the meals. Be sure to use alot of ghee as fats and oils help in gaining weight.
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Question: What is the best food of 7 months baby
Answer: Hi! A 7 months old baby needs 1 meal plus 1 snack a day and rest all Breast milk or formula. You can offer variety of food to the baby which is homemade like ang veggies steamed and mashed or any hard fruit steamed and mashed if pulpy can be offered as is apart from it overcooked Rice Daal, Oats porridge, Rawa halwa, Veggies khichdi etc. however only remember to not add salt or sugar to the food as they r not suggested babies below 1 yr. Hope this helps!
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Question: 7 month paragnat the best food
Answer: Hello dear. Few of the foods to eat when you are pregnant are : Dairy products. Sweet potatoes Eggs Broccoli and dark, leafy greens. Berries Dried fruits and Whole grains. Consume whole grains like whole wheat chapatti, brown rice, oats, whole meal bread etc. Include at least 2 to 3 servings of protein rich foods like milk and milk products, egg, pulses, dal, chicken, fish etc. Take care.
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