24 weeks pregnant mother

Question: What is sliuf

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Answer: single live intrauterine fetus
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    Priya Rajput962 days ago

    Pls tell me is sliuf is normal or not

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Question: What's the mean of SLIUF
Answer: Hi! SLIUF stands for Single Live Intrauterine Foetus .. Hope this helps!
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Question: SLIUF IN cephalic presentation means
Answer: Hi. Cephalic position is the baby position where the the baby is in head down position. Baby in such position that during delivery babies head comes first. Which is the required position of baby to be delivered normally. If baby is in head up position its breech position in which doctors do c-section.
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Question: What is the meaning sliuf cephalic placenta Findochty g2liqoradequat hm satish calartery flow
Answer: Sliuf means single live intra uterine fetus Cephalic means baby's head is directed downwards vertically And ur liquor is adequate
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