13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: What is reversal of a+ waves?

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Question: Is reversal of A wave is not normal at 3rd month. Whether it will cure automatically
Answer: Hi, Reversal of A wave is not normal, which indicates risk to baby. There can be growth restriction due to improper blood flow to the vital organs, where the oxygen supply gets compremised leading to serious outcomes sometimes. Further evaluation on fetal condition is suggested.
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Question: Hello my wife had reversal flow of blood during
Answer: Hello dear. Pregnancies with areverse flow in the umbilical artery and/or fetal aorta have to be considered as a high risk group with a poor prognosis. The reverse flow is mainly caused by chronic placental insufficiency with IUGR. Hope it helps.
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Question: Very poor penetration of sound waves means?
Answer: Hello dear, Poor penetration of sound waves means inadequate clarity regarding the foetus. Don't worry the baby wont get affected by it . All you have to do is to get the sonography done at a better centre or better sonologist in your area.
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