10 months old baby

Question: What is reflex in babies and how to overcome the reflex??

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Question: Is cradle cap is normal in babies, what is the cause, and how to manage it
Answer: Hi. The causes of cradle cap aren’t known, however, doctors mostly believe that it has something to do with the hormones passed on from the mother to the child. These hormones could possibly have led to the excessive production of oil. Another cause could be something as simple as a yeast infection caused in the sebum in oil glands along with bacteria.  You could try these remedies Gently rub some olive oil on your baby’s scalp and let it sit for a while. Wash it off after a while with a toothbrush (for the scales) or a towel. An alternative to olive oil is coconut oil, another very readily available household item. Rub a little Vaseline on your baby’s scalp and leave it overnight. Wash it off the next morning and you might find a scalp with almost no flakes anymore! Wash your baby’s head regularly with a mild baby shampoo, as too much shampoo could be harmful to their skin. Hope this helps!
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Question: how to overcome constipation problem in babies?
Answer: Hey! You can try some home remedies for urself as u r the source of nutrition for your baby first of all increase your water intake and include fruits in your diet mostly papaya. Give your baby massage especially bicycle massage and also tummy time for 5-7mins daily this will help him to release the gas. Give warm bath to baby it will soothe him and help your baby to relax his body. You can also apply coconut oil on his potty area for stimulation. Keep a check if formula milk you are giving suits him well if not then change the formula milk.
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Question: How to overcome flum in babies
Answer: Hello dear Throat infection and inflenza are common in newborn babies. Mucus is present in the nasal as well as throat. If ur baby is having too much cold and cough then this situation appears. To get rid of mucus, u can give ur baby steam Because breathing moist air helps loosen the mucus in the nasal passages. A warm bath has the added benefit of relaxing your child.
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