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Question: What is pereniel massage....how to do it

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Answer: Hi dear perineum is the muscle which is located between your vagina and your bottom, and this massage helps to loosen the muscle and prepares urself for vaginal birth it is suggested to do around 4-6 weeks prior to due date but please do ask your doctor about the process and tricks to do that.. Hope this helps!
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Question: how to do perineal massage?
Answer: How To Do Perineal Massage Once you reach week 34, you could include perineal massage as part of your preparations for childbirth. There is no conclusive evidence on how many times a week you should massage your perineum to reduce tearing during birth. One study found that the women who massaged their perineum most frequently had the best outcomes - Step By Step Guide To Perineal Massage Step 1: Find a quiet, private place to lie down. Use the pillows to support your back so that you are in a semi-upright position. You may like to turn off the lights, and play some calming music to help you feel relaxed. Step 2: Apply oil or lubricant to your fingers, thumbs and perineum. The lubrication should prevent discomfort. Step 3: Next, insert two fingers around 3-4cm deep into your vagina. Gently, but firmly, apply pressure towards your anus. At the same time, gently pull your two fingers apart so that your perineum is being stretched both downwards and outwards. Keep applying pressure until you feel a slight tingling sensation, this is your perineum being gently stretched. This should not hurt, and you should not notice any burning. Step 4: Imagine that your vaginal opening is a clock face. Next, pull your two fingers down to 6, then stretch them outwards and upwards towards 3, applying pressure. Repeat this 20 or 30 times, then move to the other side and repeat the same motion 20 or 30 times from 6 to 9. Step 5: Stretch the perineum externally. Place two or three fingers from each hand in the centre of your perineum, and stretch the skin outwards towards your thighs. Step 6: Next, place your fingers in a V in the middle of your perineum and pull upwards towards your vaginal opening. Step 7: Finally, place your thumbs in the middle of your perineum, and push them apart in opposite directions. -
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Question: How to do baby massage
Answer: Hi dear baby massage has to be oil gentle strokes with a baby friendly oil means you need to use a oil in which does not to have any reaction on the baby's skin and you need to massage it very gently on the baby for example you can check our home page and the massage section there is a video which can help you to massage ur baby well.. Hope this helps!
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Question: How to do massage to baby
Answer: Hello dear,  Here is a massage tips....you can start gently massaging baby body section by section. Tummy.... 1. Hold your hand so your pinky's edge can move like a paddle across your baby's belly. Starting at the base of the rib cage, stroke down with one hand, then the other, in a paddle-wheel-like motion. 2. Massage her abdomen with your fingertips in a circular, clockwise motion.... 3. Do the "I Love U" stroke: Trace the letter I down your baby's left side. Then trace an inverted L, stroking across the belly along the base of her ribs from her right side to her left and down. Trace an inverted U, stroking from low on the baby's right side, up and around the navel, and down the left side.... 4. Walk your fingers around her navel, clockwise. 5. Hold knees and feet together and gently press knees up toward her abdomen. Rotate baby's hips around a few times to the right. (This often helps expel gas.)... 6. Place hand on tummy horizontally and rock your hand from side to side a few times. Note:Avoid massaging tummy if the cord hasn't completely healed. Head and Face... 1. Cradling your baby's head in both hands, massage the scalp with your fingertips, as if you're shampooing. (Avoid the fontanel, the soft spot on top of baby's head.) 2. Massage her ears between your thumb and index finger.... 3. Trace a heart shape on your baby's face, bringing your hands together at the chin. 4. Place your thumbs between your baby's eyebrows, and stroke out.... 5. Again with your thumbs, stroke gently out over baby's closed eyelids.... 6. Stroke from the bridge of the nose out over the cheeks.... 7. Using your fingertips, massage the jaw in small circles. Chest... 1. Place both hands on your baby's chest and stroke outward from her sternum to her shoulders.... 2. Beginning at her sternum, trace a heart shape bringing both hands up to her shoulders, then down and back together.... 3. In a crisscross pattern, stroke diagonally from one side of your baby's hip, up and over the opposite shoulder, and back down to her hip. Arms... 1. With one hand, hold baby's wrist. Relax her upper arm by tapping it lightly..... 2. Hold her wrist with one hand and hold your other hand in a C-shape around baby's upper arm; stroke from her shoulder down to her wrist. 3. With each hand grasping her arm, one right above the other, stroke down from shoulder to wrist with both hands rotating in opposite directions, as if you were gently wringing a towel. 4. Massage her palm, moving thumb over thumb from heel of her hand to her fingers..... 5. Stroke down top of hand from wrist to fingertips. Gently squeeze and pull each finger. 6. Massage her wrist by moving your fingers in small circles..... 7. Roll her arm between both your hands. Back... 1. Place baby on tummy horizontally in front of you, or lay her across your outstretched legs. Keep her hands in front of her, not at her sides. 2. With both of your hands on baby's back, move each hand back and forth (keeping them going in opposite directions) from the base of the neck to her buttocks...... 3. Hold your baby's buttocks with one hand and use the other to stroke down from her neck to her buttocks...... 4. Using your fingertips, massage in small circles down one side of baby's spine and up the other. Avoid pressing on her spine directly. 5. Massage her shoulders with small circular motions..... 6. Massage her buttocks with big circular motions... 7. Holding your fingers like a rake, stroke down her back. Legs... 1. Lift one of her legs by the ankle and relax it by lightly tapping the upper thigh.... 2. Hold her ankle with one hand and hold your other hand in a C-shape, thumb down, around your baby's upper thigh. Stroke from her thigh down to her foot..... 3. With your hands grasping the leg at the thigh, one right above the other, stroke down from hip to foot with both hands rotating in opposite directions, as if you were wringing a towel. 4. On the sole of her foot, use a thumb-over-thumb motion to massage from heel to toes. 5. Use your whole hand to stroke the bottom of her foot from heel to toes.... 6. Stroke the top of her foot. Gently squeeze and pull each toe..... 7. Massage around her ankle using small circles. 8. Roll her leg between your hands, as if you're rolling dough. General Tips... Make strokes gentle but firm, and not ticklish. Build massage into your baby's daily schedule. Follow baby's signals about when to stop. A massage can last 10 minutes or 30 minutes, depending on her moods. Hope it helped , Take care ur little one.....
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