5 months old baby

Question: What is pcv vaccine if i missed pcv schedual how i can manage it again ?

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Answer: hi dear, PCV vaccine is for pneumonia infection. but it is little costly and doesn't given by government hospitals. PCV vaccine first dose should given within 6 to 7 weeks and completed with in 3 months. But as your baby is already 5 months old your are late for this vaccine. PCV for kids is also available you can talk to your paediatric about this.
Answer: Yes I also miss this vaccine. But my pad. Says u can give 2 vaccine in between 6 to 12 month
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Question: What is pcv vaccine ?
Answer: Pcv vaccination full name is Pneumococcal  conjugate  vaccine. Usually it is know as pcv vaccination only.
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Question: Is it advisable to give PCV vaccine 1st dose at 6 months if it was missed.
Answer: HI, yes you can give pcv vaccine at 6 months. your baby will need 3 or 4 total doses of pcv at successive intervals. contact your doctor to get a vaccination schedule for other vaccines as well
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Question: What is pcv vaccine
Answer: Pcv vaccine means pnemococcal conjugate vaccine...this vaccine fight aganist bacteria...likestreptococcus bacteria,virus...so...this vaccine mainly using infants,babies fight pnemonia disease
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