7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: What is no FCA in pregnancy women

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Answer: It could be no fetal cardic activity, accordingly your doctor can ask you for rescan.
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Question: what is fca test in 19week?
Answer: hello.. dear FCA meanns fetal cardiac activity test..Fetal heart rates ranged from 96 to 120 beats/min (mean 110) and were detected contiguous with the yolk sac as a tiny blinking, flashing, and/or rocking echo with a regular rhythm. This exam allows your doctor to better see the structure and function of your unborn child's heart.
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Question: What work doing in pregnancy women
Answer: U can do all ur routine work including walk. But do ur work slowly compare to before u done. Avoid heavy weight lifting for 1st trimester. Other than than u should do all work with extra care..
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Question: What is "No free fluid in POD" means in pregnancy?
Answer: First of all POD means pouch of doughlas. Any fluid in pod means infection, so what you told is normal
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