10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: What is missed miscarriage and it's symptoms

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Answer: Heavy bleeding followed by severe stomach pain atlast the baby out.
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Question: What is symptoms of missed miscarriage?
Answer: Hello dear . Missed abortion is very tragic.. based on my personal experience: i had very bad cramps in my lower abdomen.. then i found deep red spotting.. and severe back ache. Then slowly bleeding got increased. I went for a scan an hour later. They declared that ive lost the baby. It happened to me because the fetus didn't develop heart beat even after 12 weeks!
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Question: What is missed miscarriage
Answer: Early miscarriage in which there is silent death of fetus after hearing heartbeat and sometimes body doesn't understand that it has miscarried and symptoms are like normal pregnancy but when you go for ultrasound u get to know fetus died quite ago.
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Question: What is missed miscarriage actually??
Answer: hi dear, if a pregnant women losses it s pregnancy without any symptoms its called missed miscarriage or silent miscarriage. it such cases generally embryo doesn't develop with in gestational sac.
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