20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: What is mean quadraple marker test and indirect coombs test

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Question: Hi, what is indirect coombs test, when it is done and is it important?? Please suggest
Answer: Hello, Dear Pregnant women get a prenatal antibody screening with an indirect Coombs test. It checks the mother's blood to see if there are antibodies that could pass to and harm her unborn baby. It is usually done in the starting of pregnancy but again done in 24-28 week of pregnancy. It's really important dear if mother is negative blood group and father is positive or vice versa it can help in any complication that can happen...
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Question: What is quadraple marker test and why it is required?
Answer: Marker test done from 11th week to 14th week it is a screening test for down syndrome and other harmonal abnormality suggest trisomy 11 or trisomy 21 it is required in high risk pregnancy where there are chances of genetic disorders such as above 33 years of age these tests are highly recommended or if at all your 10th week ultrasound report showed some abnormality with neonatal growth
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Question: What to do if indirect coombs test comes positive ?
Answer: You have negative blood group right? Than you are supposed to get Rhogam injection between 26-28weeks and one more time within 48-72hrs after delivery if baby has positive blood group. Consult for that with your doctor.
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