19 weeks pregnant mother

Question: What is mean by Placenta is anterior; low dying 18mm away from internal OS. 3 vesed cord

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Answer: Its not for risk .low lying placenta meaning uterus start to open .so please take rest .I face to same problem but nothing to worry baby is routiating your uterus so placenta going middle level in your next month scan
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Question: Placenta is posterior 15mm away from internal is os what it mean in scanning report
Answer: For a low lying placenta, less than 2 centimetres or even lesser it is very important to discuss with your gynaecologist about cerclage surgery which is done at 20 weeks time and you are currently in 18 weeks hence you must ask Dr about suturing. No bending or lifting anything up Sleep on the left side. Eat more of watery fruits juices and lot of fibrous foods. Do not force while going potty. low lying placenta carries a high risk of premature delivery or delivering your baby before the term is completed and high bleeding complications as well as stillbirth. Are you taking any tablets? as taking hormones from now on with your doctor's prescription will help you to carry your pregnancy safely till term please ask your gynaecologist about the placental medications now
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Question: Placenta is fundal posterior.. Its lower limit is away from internal os.. What does it mean?
Answer: Hello! It means that the you have got a posterior placenta and the distance between the placenta and the internal os is good, that is it is not a low lying placenta. The report is normal and nothing to worry. Take care
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Question: Anterior, lower end of placenta is 4.5cm away from internal cervical os. What does it mean?
Answer: Hi dear. it means that the edge of your Placenta is 4.5 centimetre away from the opening of cervix , which is a good thing or a normal condition , so just don't worry about anything
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