17 weeks pregnant mother

Question: What is low lying placenta. What is effect of it for normal delivery?

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Answer: Its the condition where the placenta covers the opening in the mothers cervix. There will be chances of bleeding before or during labor. Proper bed rest is necessary. And yes normal delivery is possible if you go through healthy pregnancy without any complications.
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Question: In my anamoly scan it shows as anterior placenta low lying.. Will i have normal delivery? Is there any injection for low lying placenta?
Answer: Dear not to worry about delivery, it is long way to go.Dear low lying placenta at 20 weeks is bit common in pregnancy as pregnancy grows placenta also moves upwards by the you reaches to term.but you have to ne very careful in this time.should not travel, not lift heavy weight, no intercourse , not to travel long distances.yes there are injections but not for low lying placenta, it is to prevent bleeding from low lying placenta dear.take care
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Question: Hi my placenta is low lying grade 2. Is it any problem in normal delivery?
Answer: Dear depends on how far it is from the OS if it is above 2cm then you can have a normal delivery but if it is below 2 cm then you cannot have a normal delivery.. Grade 2 is fine don't worry
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Question: Hello normal delivery is possible in low lying placenta case ???
Answer: Hi..It depends on how far is placenta from cervix. If placenta is less than 2.5cm then there are nore chances of hemorrhage so, in that case doctors prefer c section.
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