21 weeks pregnant mother

Question: What is low lyeing placenta....I had a anomaly scan in 21st week...and it shows umblical cord is on lower side of the womb...is there any problem?

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Answer: hi if you have a low lying placenta you need to take lot of precautions you will have to take good rest and avoid bending or avoid lifting anything heavy otherwise it can lead to complications like bleeding and therefore to avoid this it is advisable to take complete go to rest also if you have umbilical cord then umbilical call usually there is nothing to worry because many a times a baby can be born normally even if they have a cord around their neck but it is advisable to consult to the doctor and as of now with the current position of looks normal delivery looks little difficult
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Question: anomaly scan shows an echogenic foci on the left side of the ventricle of my baby is there any problem with this result ??
Answer: Hello dear Echogenic intracardiac focus (EIF) is a small bright spot seen in the baby's heart on an ultrasound exam. This is thought to represent mineralization, or small deposits of calcium, in the muscle of the heart. EIFs are found in about 3–5% of normal pregnancies and cause no health problems. an echogenic focus is seen in the left ventricle of the heart. This is NOT a heart defect, it does NOT. change the function of the heart, and it does NOT cause heart disease. Usually the bright spot is a small calcium deposit and is a normal finding. Many times an echogenic focus resolves itself. We had one with my freind daughter and it had disappeared on a follow up scan. it is a marker for chromosomal abnormalities(CA)... meaning that some babies with a CA show the echogenic focus, but not all babies with an echogenic focus have a CA.
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Question: Iam20 week pregnant. In my anomaly scan report shows placenta lower end reaching the internal os. Is it serious
Answer: Hi dear! So it means that the placenta is just touching the internal os..it is not serious but at 20 weeks the placenta has the chance to move upwards . So you will have to keep a track on the position of the placenta to make sure if it has moved or has further went low. Don't worry there any be any problem Take care! I hope this information helped!
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Question: Am 18weeks pregnant I got low lying placenta in anomaly scan is it any serious problem
Answer: Low lying placenta is not a problem.... You have to be careful don't carry heavy weight and don't strain... Avoid sex while pregnancy.... Sometimes may bleed but need not worry.... Mostly c section will be done and also low lying may change at the final stage
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