14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: What is choroid plexus filled ventricles means??

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Answer: Hi dear! These choroid plexus are located in the ventricle (structure present in the brain)which produce cerebrospinal fluid ( a fluid present inside the brain and the spinal cord) which fills the ventricles in the brain.. sometimes the fluid gets trapped inside making a cyst which appears in the scan. Normally this cyst is not dangerous to the baby and will cause no harm. It will resolve itself by 32 weeks so not to worry. Take care dear. I hope this information is helpful to you.
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    Sakshi Shukla176 days ago


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Question: foetal bilateral choroid plexus cysts are noted so is it dangerous or what?
Answer: Hello No it is not dangerous its generally a minor fabroid in brain cells.. which get resolved by its own and if its not then it need antibiotic treatment. So don't worry.
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