4 months old baby

Question: What is chor dant ...my baby is not latching ...give solution

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Question: My baby is not eating plz give me a solution
Answer: As infants they will be having milk and as they grew old they r new to the taste of solid food so..as a parent we need to habituate them...with tell show do method...that is method we're they should be thought with help of some toy or sibling how they eat...so telling them...as well showing them....and doing on the baby itself...u can appreciate the baby by clapping hands or by decorating food attractively...always be positive to them they r the best in the way the way we mould them
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Question: Why my baby is not latching properly...how to make him comfortable latch
Answer: Google the proper position of bf u ll get the images n try it
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Question: How can I feed my baby? She is just not latching my nipples. And as a result I have to give her formula milk and pump .. Frequent pumping is not possible as there is not much milk supply
Answer: Hi...Hand express your milk and feed the baby. New babies sometimes take time to start sucking. Also check with paed for tied tongue problem with the baby which makes it difficult for them to suck.Best is you can also use breast pump, manual or electric to pump milk.
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