21 weeks pregnant mother

Question: What is bilateral renal pyelectasis...pls explain and give me suggestions. My 5th month is running

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Question: What is bilateral renal pyelectasis. Pls give me suggestions. I am 5 month pregnant
Answer: Hi! Bilateral renal pyelactasis is a condition where the renal pelvis or the pelvis of kidney of the baby a little dilated or enlarged and not an uncommon or dangerous condition it can be cured on its own during the course of pregnancy itself, however it depends on the enlargement of it and if its not cured spontenously there might be some urological problem later in the baby. Hope this helps!
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Question: what is renal bilateral ......
Answer: Hello dear. Renal bilateral is the absence of both kidneys at birth. It is a genetic disorder characterized by a failure of the kidneys to develop in a fetus. Take care.
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Question: What is the cure for mild renal pyelectasis?
Answer: Renal pelvis dialation is a widening of the renal pelvis and is a common finding on ultrasound scans performed during pregnancy. Often it is temporary and not associated with any problems in the kidney or ureter.This is a very common finding that will resolve by itself as your baby grows bigger. There is nothing to worry.
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