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Question: What is bilateral renal pyelectasis. Pls give me suggestions. I am 5 month pregnant

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Answer: Hi! Bilateral renal pyelactasis is a condition where the renal pelvis or the pelvis of kidney of the baby a little dilated or enlarged and not an uncommon or dangerous condition it can be cured on its own during the course of pregnancy itself, however it depends on the enlargement of it and if its not cured spontenously there might be some urological problem later in the baby. Hope this helps!
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Question: Today my scan done fetal bilateral renal PCS prominence seen ( 5-6mm) is it normal? Pls give me suggestions?
Answer: Hello, Pelviectasis is just a finding seen on the scan it doesnt necessarily mean a problem. Your doctor will advise regular follow ups and scan to note the changes , most commonly it disappears on its own.Even after birth scan and other tests may be done to rule out any problem in the urinary system. Severe pelviectasis cdue to an obstruction can lead to hydronephrosis and may require a surgery to remove the obstruction Pelviectasis is considered as a soft marker for downs syndrome.Your doctor may advice additional screen test to rule it out and if need be even a diagnostic test like amniocentesis.
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Question: Bilateral renal mild pyelectasis is noted?
Answer: It means the renal dilatation and it usually seen in many babies during ultrasound. But don't worry sometimes it will settle on its own and it won't cause any health problems. So don't worry avoid stress as stress affects the health of both. Take care. Everything will be fine stay positive
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Question: Bilateral renal mild pyelectasis is noted means... Any problem??
Answer: It is a renal dilatation and is a common finding on usg usually it settles on its own and won't cause any problems to baby So don't worry it will settle and take care.
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