24 weeks pregnant mother

Question: What is Ict. Test .in conducted in which month

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Question: Hi..can someone please explain what is double marker test and in which month it is necessary to perform???
Answer: This test is to know the down syndrome. Usually it is done within 13th week along with the NT scan. Nt scan gives upto 70%of accuracy and double marker test increase it to 20%more. So upto 90% you can be sure about your baby's growth and risk. It is not mandatory but good to do it.
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Question: Which test is required during 4rth month nd what is abdominal sonography
Answer: Sonografi should be done in which June 11 to 13 weeks that's known as NT scan. After that next scan should be done in between 18 to 24 weeks. There is no scan at 15 weeks. Also there is no specific test at 15 weeks of pregnancy but if your doctor ask you to take triple Marker test or any blood test you can go for that.
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Question: Is it compulsory to test ICT in pregnancy?? My blood group is A positive and my husband's blood group is A negative if yes then in which week we should test??
Answer: As you blood group is positive there is no need to take ICT but if doctor ask you to take this for safe side you can go for it. This should be done in third trimester. In case you ICT come positive Dr we ask you to take an injection clever complication. It's not a major issue , don't take stress about it.
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