23 weeks pregnant mother

Question: What is FAS ? Should a pregnant woman take alcohol?

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Answer: Dear FAS is fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS). It is caused by heavy drinking during pregnancy. And during pregnancy avoid alcohol completely it can cause alot of complications to baby and women both.
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Question: what should eat to a pregnant woman in breakfast
Answer: You should eat mostly fibre rich foods and fruits. As fibre keeps your digestion problems in check and also satisfies your hunger, while fruits and nuts provide your calories with necessary vitamins and minerals. Start taking smoothies in morning make it with fresh seasonal fruits like mangoes, Chiko in summers (twice/thrice in a week is good, more of mango intake will cause an increase in metabolism and body temperatures do fo not exceed the limit.) Drink each Keri Pani, tamarind water. Add kokum to your smoothies and juices to give you vit-c plus potassium. You can have one full glass milk twice a day with toasts or jam, mixed veg paratha with yoghurt/ idli sambhar/fruits platter with cracker biscuits/ machine or ragi halwa/ sooji halwa with nuts/oatmeal and apple/eggs with avocado or salad/ tofu salad or paneer salad. Etc Pregnancy is a stage where you need double the energy and doubles the food and nutrients. Calcium, magnesium and iron are very important for your body as well as baby's, so follow the diet chart closely. leave nothing, eat each and every fruit you can, eat all types of leafy vegetables, because vegetarians have fewer choices when it comes to best food that has all nutrients. So try to eat healthy keeping in check with calorie intake and food cravings. Hope it helps! Take care.
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Question: What antibiotics can a pregnant woman take for UTI.
Answer: Hi,for medications it is advisable to be very careful and so to take advice from your Dr regarding this . You can also try home remedies for this Wash your area everytime you use the washroom Maintain a very good hygeine Wear only cotton ugs Have adequate intake of fluids , All this will help you
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Question: Am a diabetic pregnant woman. What diet should I follow
Answer: Low sugar diet like don't consume alot of patatoes, bananas because these products increases sugar level in ur body
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