6 months old baby

Question: What if a baby first grows sife teeth in his mouth?

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Question: My baby put his thumb and sometimes his fingers in his mouth. What should I do??
Answer: Hi I use to put mittens on my babys hands it helped me to keep his fingers away from mouth Putting fingers in mouth might be a sign that your baby is hungry It might also be that your baby is teething provide your baby with water filled teether that can be cooled to comfort the sore gums Trim your baby's nails regularly .
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Question: What to do if child's teeth gets crack while playing and half teeth is hanging in mouth?
Answer: Dear in this case please visit doctor and get ot checked because if not taken out on time it will cause infection so please visit dentist..
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Question: my 9 months baby havent got his first teeth. what should i do
Answer: Hi! Dont do anything, my daughter had hers after 11 months of age, it wil come fr sure no worries.. Hope this helps
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