32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: What happens if WBC count is high in 8 th month of pregnancy...

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Answer: hi dear! normally in pregnancy the wbc count rises. it is due to the physiologic state which is due to the pregnancy dear. its just due to the hormonal changes. if you do not have any sore throat, no fever , or urinary problem that can be suggestive of infection then there is nothing to worry dear. and if you do have these symptoms then do consult with your doctor dear. take care dear.
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Question: Is baby movement is less in 8 th month or this happens beacuse of my high bp ?
Answer: Hello dear, Movement can slow down as you get closer to your due date for one simple reason: the baby is running out of room to move. While he used to be flipping and rolling in your womb, he simply does not have the space to do that anymore. Less movement, then, can be a natural process during pregnancy.... A total lack of movement, however, is a cause for concern, If you haven't felt much in the way of kicking for about an hour, no need to call right away. Instead, drink a glass of fruit juice (the sugar in juice will make your baby's blood-sugar levels jump, increasing the chances that he'll start kicking), then lie on your left side in a quiet room for half an hour. "If you don't count three to four movements within that time frame, give your doctor a call,"  Hope it helped, Take care urself....  
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Question: My wbc count is high n esr also in high state, what it means?
Answer: Do not worry WBC count increases in pregnancy it also might reach up to 16 K but do not worry but if you have a throat infection urinary tract infection or you are suffering from cold and flu then increase in WBC only suggests and infection which should be treated about the ESR values these are usually fluctuating in pregnancy do not worry. But ESr is of importance if you are suffering from anaemia. Please mention your report count. In order for me yo help you better.
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Question: If thyroid is high what happens for baby during pregnancy
Answer: Hello dear If mother is having thyroid during pregnancy, it can negatively affect fetal growth in the uterus and mental development, lowering the baby's IQ. But don't worry, if proper medication is taken it will not affect ur pregnancy.
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