38 weeks pregnant mother

Question: What happen if white was discharging during 9th month

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Answer: Hello dear, in 9 months white discharge is very common. Your body is gradually removing mucus plug and preparing for child birth. So, don't worry. If it's increases in amount then consult your gynac.
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    Somy Somy734 days ago


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Question: What if liquor is more during 9th month pregnancy?
Answer: You have not mentioned amniotic fluid index value Your consulting doctor will ask you for some basic investigation like blood pressure or blood sugar levels to rule out any detectable cause of increased amniotic fluid level. If all normal than no worries
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Question: what happens if Albumin is discharging through urine during 34 week of pregnancy, experts please guide.
Answer: Hello! Small amounts is considered to be normal during pregnancy, but if it is in excess then it could mean problems like. Preclampsia Kidney infection Urine infection. Please immediately consult you doctor for further guidance.
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Question: What if discharging of blood?
Answer: May be signs of labour. Please visit your hospital immediately
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