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Question: What foods is good to health

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Answer: Dear It’s simple, that you have right food that you have to eat less and more often, till you don’t feel that you are starving. And avoid anything that is frozen or having preservatives. No sodas strictly. Drink plenty of water - there ain’t any harm in drinking plenty of water, except for the number of bathroom visits. Also, try to have buttermilk during summer seasons. Drink milk - Atleast 200ml twice a day. I was asked to cut down sugar completely. And was having low fat milk. Eat fruits - Apples, pomegranate ( try to eat everyday), guava, anything that you want to eat but try to avoid jackfruit, pine Apple. Eat food rich in protein - My doctor says that I shouldn’t put on weight, where else baby should put on weight. Eat lots of greens and vegetables - fresh leafy vegetables every single day, try to include drumstick leaves to your diet. Make sure you have atleast one/two vegetables and 1 greens in your mid day meal. Eat Nuts - include walnuts, pistachios, almonds, raisins (I wasn’t allowed though). When it comes to rice - have one bowl of rice and 2 rotis. Exercise - try to walk for 15–30 mins in the beginning. If you can’t walk 30 mins at a stretch, try to walk for 15 mins twice. Do ask your doctor if it's safe for you or not.
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Answer: Hello dear It is safe to drink soup in pregnancy. But try to avoid packed soups and can drink fresh vegetables soup.
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Question: What are good foods to eat
Answer: Hii The first trimester is a breeze for some, while many women feel nauseated, have difficulty swallowing anything other than water or saltines, and lose appetite early in the pregnancy. But, there are certain foods that every pregnant woman must eat during the first trimester, once nausea and other symptoms subside. A varied diet will not only help get you and your baby all the important nutrients but will also introduce your baby to the various tastes through the amniotic fluid. During the first trimester of pregnancy folate (folic acid, vitamin B) is a vital nutrient as it reduces the risk of neural-tube defects by about 70% in the baby. taking spinach lentils beans citrus fruits nuts cottage cheese aspargus egg brocolli yogurt chicken salmon whole grain are some of the improtant things to be included in diet. 
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Answer: Eat veggies and fruits Turmeric milk Milkshakes Yogurt Avoid ghee,butter and fat
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