1 months old baby

Question: What food should be given to the babies to put on weight?

2 Answers
Answer: Dear, For your baby breastmilk is best upto 6 months. Feed properly and the baby will be healthy.
Answer: Now only bm is enough.
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Question: What food should be given to babies of 6+ months??
Answer: Bolied egg yolk... Boiled apple puree and banana puree(1-2 spoon).. Boiled and smashed potato without salt(1-2spoon) and ofcourse lots of water.. Dal soup.. Vegetable soup.. If ur child is not suffering from cold u can give fruit juices 1-2 table spoon(orange, pomegranate etc., )..
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Question: What should be the quantity of food given to baby
Answer: Hello! Quantity of food should be decided by the baby rather than us. Let the baby decide on the quantity as if you force feed the baby chances are that baby might loose the interest to eat. Hence it is better that we should let them decide on the quantity. Take care
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Question: What food to be given for babies after 6month
Answer: fruits can be steamed and mashed or pureed to be given as their first solid food like apple, banana chikoo
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