31 weeks pregnant mother

Question: What does contraction feel like does it feels like period cramp what does it mean in 31 week of pregnancy

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Answer: Period like cramps mostly mean Braxton Hicks...which is false labour...when your body slowly prepares for childbirth... actual contractions will start from the lower back and pain will come till stomach...you will feel waves of pain at regular intervals....
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Question: How does contraction feels like does it feels like period cramps . Actly I am 31 weeks pregnant I sometimes I feel like period cramps what does it means
Answer: The starting contractions are light and do feel like period cramps but its intensity will keep on Increasing with time , but as you are just in your 31st week of pregnancy you must be feeling false contractions because I also used to feel that a lot as these are just practice contractions should do keep observing your body, if intensity of contractions will not increased then there is nothing to worry.
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Question: How does contraction feels like
Answer: Persistent lower back pain or abdominal pain with a pre menstrual feeling or cramps. Painful contractions or tightening that may be gradually increasing in strength and frequency and may start and stop. Water breaks or an upset tummy or loose bowels..
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Question: Having period like cramp in 7 week of pregnancy,is it normal?
Answer: Hello it's normal to have pain but if it's increasing gradually then please consult doctor immediately
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